Beginner to Advanced welcome

If you are a beginner, you will be patiently taught a well rounded curriculum. Lessons will focus on establishing the basics of reading, rudiments, and styles common to today's music.

Advanced students will be taught concepts appropriate for their respective individual level and personal goals.

Lessons are highly flexible

Goals are discussed and lessons are catered to the interests of the individual. Students develop proper technique and musicianship while working on material that is suitable, relevant, and tailored to their needs. Any and all styles of music are welcomed, and students are encouraged to bring music to learn.

General overview of a typical lesson

General warm up / skills reinforcement with the important drumming basics; including rudiments & coordination exercises.

A review of the particular music that the student has chosen to work on.

Constructive coaching and further tips for improving the student’s abilities in relation to their chosen piece of music.

Final summation and review of the material before the end of the lesson.

Parents are welcome to attend and watch the lesson while in progress.

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