Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I need to own a drum set to take lessons?

No. I have taught several students who didn't own a drum kit and they have all made progress. It is obviously ideal if you own one eventually, but I do not require it at the start.

What do I need to bring to lessons?

Ideally, you should bring a pair of drum sticks, and a binder to hold the lesson sheets I pass out at the end of each lesson. However, I have spare drum sticks available if you forget to bring your own.

How do I pay for lessons?

I'm very flexible about this and whatever works best for you, is 100% fine with me. I accept cash / cheque / and e-transfers. Some of my students pay weekly, and some pay monthly. It's all up to whatever you prefer!

Is there an ideal minimum age for starting drum lessons?

Although I recommend students be around 9 years old, mostly due to the development of coordination required for learning drum set, under certain circumstances, I have accepted younger students. That being said, I fully recommend any young student be enrolled in piano lessons as this will greatly improve their understanding of basic music principles. However, this is not mandatory, and I have many succesful students who haven't taken piano lessons.

There is no maximum age for learning drums and I have taught many adult students of all ages throughout the years!

Do you teach other types of drums?

YES! I teach a broad variety of drums and drumming from around the world. I specialize in marching percussion and drum set, but I also teach hand drumming from various cultures sprinkled around the world.

If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact me!

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“Ian’s teaching style has inspired in my son a love for studying and playing percussion.” - Shawn Whynot


"Ian is a very well-versed musician, and has been a really great teacher for our son. In Seamus' words, "He's really fun, challenging and asks me what I'm interested in and then we learn about that - with everything else." I really appreciate that he teaches more than just playing the drums very well. He also has shown Seamus how to maintain his kit, answers all our questions and manages to balance all the aspects of drum playing, on a diverse range of drums, through the years - seemingly with ease." - Lana Schabloski


"Ian has been teaching my 11 year-old for over 4 years now and my 9 year-old for 1 1/2 years. Not only is Ian a great drummer himself, but his relaxed demeanour and teaching style has allowed my kids to flourish in their lessons and maintain an interest in their lessons. His willingness to allow students to play any song they want to learn and the ability to break down those songs into beats that are skill-level and musically appropriate, and then expand on these beats to continually challenge them, is nothing short of impressive. And of course he incorporates some essential basic skill development into each lesson in a way that’s both challenging and fun. And Ian does it all with a smile on his face with never a negative thing to say! His love of drumming is infectious, he clearly enjoys teaching, and some day in the future if I can find the time I’d even love to take lessons myself!" - Joel Powell